Jereh Delivered Chongqing’s First Natural Gas Control Center to Guarantee Gas Supply in Winter

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December 3rd, 2016/ As a total contractor, Jereh Group completed the project of Chongqing southeastern natural gas control center and achieved gas supply after start-up test once. The center will give full play to gasification, peak-shaving and distribution, to ensure stable gas supply for the local seasonal needs.

Chongqing’s First Natural Gas Control Center by Jereh Group to Guarantee Gas Supply in Winter

The center consists of four LNG storage tanks (150m3), two sets of gasifiers (5,000m3/h), as well as gas distribution and firefighting facilities. The peak load capacity is expected to be 120,000 m3/d, while transmission capacity is up to 800,000 m3/d, which can successfully resolve the gas shortage problem of two main gas supply pipelines in winter.

With the arrival of winter, the peak shaving facilities are put into operation to meet the demand peak. This project undoubtedly strengthen the gas supply security of southeastern region in the winter. It started in September 2016, and aimed to realize smooth operation before the demand peak in the winter. Jereh experienced team developed a customized proposal, such as prefabrication of pipeline and interlace operation on site, and ultimately the project was delivered on December 3, two days earlier than expected.

Now as the consumption of natural gas in China grows dramatically, the peak–valley difference in winter and summer expands year by year, which doubles the peak shaving tasks. In contrast, the construction of peak-peaking facilities such as underground gas storage in China was lagging behind. It is reported that as of the end of 2015, the effective gas volume from gas storage facilities in China was about 5.5 billion m³, accounting for only 3% of natural gas consumption. Therefore, the need for more gas storage facilities is imminent. With capabilities on EPC contracting and equipment manufacturing, Jereh will play an increasingly important role in the natural gas industry development, including natural gas compression, storage, LNG gasification and gas fueling projects.

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