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Scientific Method of Choosing Talents
Jereh has always been emphasizing talents as developing basis of the enterprise, and regarding the team set up by employee who totally identify with healthy enterprise as core competitive power of the enterprise. On selecting the talents, Jereh abides by the principle of integration of morality and capability. Jereh reviews and selects every type of person with ability strictly from different aspects: morality, knowledge level, professional skill, and comprehensive ability. Jereh focuses on individual’s value concept in accordance with Jereh’s culture. Jereh requests every staff who hopes to join in Jereh must completely know about and identify with Jereh’s culture, consent to work hard for society, enterprise and his own progress wholeheartedly.

Perfect Training System
Jereh combines the need of staff career progress and the demand of enterprise development, and constructs talents training system from every side and many a layers. Jereh is becoming an enterprise with high study power, which enhances human resource value increasing continuously.

High Efficient Prompting System 
Jereh believes in no pains, no gains. She insists on those staff with talents, not on special relationships or right. In Jereh, the employee who works hard will gain exceeding reward.

Vast Progressing Space
Jereh develops dual promotion paths for the staff, one is “Management” and the other is “Technologist”. The employee can choose the aim of being management, or the aim of becoming a professional technical expert, and can become advanced sales manager with abundant customer resources. Jereh is always prepared to develop those staff that is outstanding, devoted to work and highly identified with Jereh culture and progressing steadily as shareholders of the company. In Jereh, as long as one is dedicated to working, he would gain endless development space.

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