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Jereh regards staff as the most valuable treasure and pays great attention to staff’s growing and improvement by establishing the all-around and multiple training systems. While helping Jereh to build a learning enterprise, the training systems also enhances the staff’s comprehensive abilities and specific capabilities continuously that lead to win-win of both enterprise and staff. 

Integrated Training Modes
Through ceaseless search and practices, Jereh has established an integrated training mode guided by training programs, implemented by online training systems and publicity column, and ensured by training rules.

Normative Training Procedures
Jereh has established normative training procedures through investigation of training needs, conclusion of training programs, implementation and result audit etc., which ensures the training courses are processed as planned.

Convenient Training Platform
Jereh set up an online training and examining system that allows the staff to choose required courses according to their positions, spatiality knowledge, operation ability and working procedures and have simulation by themselves.

Effective training management
Jereh has completed a series of training management systems and archives, and set up an internal professional lecturer team. 、


Sound Training System
Jereh’s training system consists of Group level and Company level. Group level focuses on upgrading the employee’s general qualification, including enterprise culture training, management knowledge training and general skill training. Company level emphasizes improving the staff’s working skill, including professional knowledge training and work procedure training etc.

Enterprise Culture Training
After the new employee finishes registration, they will have one-week enterprise culture training. The content includes brief introduction of group companies, office building touring, study bylaw and culture cases etc. The purpose is introducing Jereh to new staff to make them quickly identify Jereh culture, and become new power to drive Jereh going forward.

General Skill Training
Jereh sponsors all kinds of general skill training according to the staff’s demand periodically including operation of intranet software, daily English, business etiquette, outdoor challenge training, communication skill, negotiation technique, time management, project management etc. Such trainings will increase the employee integrated qualification and ability.

Operation Skill Training
Aiming at improving staff’s specific knowledge and skill, the operation skill training is implemented by each subsidiary company including technology, QC, production, purchasing, marketing and HSE.


Training for “Self-Improvement of Excellent Professional ManagerProducts Knowledge TrainingSpecial Equipment Operation Contest
Financial Knowledge TrainingContract Terms TrainingPurchasing Negotiation Simulation


Various Training Methods
Jereh tries to train the staff through various methods by cultivating the lecturers from the staff, inviting external mentors and sending staff to exterior training institute. Meanwhile, Jereh also organizes outdoor team building activities and knowledge contest.

Training by Staff
Jereh has established an internal mentor team that consists of outstanding employees from different positions who have rich operation experiences and training skills. Through internal training, the staffs are able to share the experiences and skills with each other.

Training by external mentors
As required by business development, Jereh invites the famous experts or teachers to train the staff periodically that will bring the staff with the latest and advanced knowledge of management and business operation.

Sending staff to outside training institute
Requested by different positions, Jereh sends the staff out for education including the conferences, training, field study held by suppliers, distributors and customers, oversea investigation, industrial expo, special seminar and related qualification training provided by government.


HSE TrainingR&D Technology TrainingField Training
Knowledge ContestOutdoor Team BuildingOperation Simulation

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