Jereh Signed a CDQ Project Collaboration Agreement

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September 8th, 2016/ Jereh Group announced today that Jereh Combined Energy Co., Ltd., one of its subsidiary companies, signed a cooperation agreement of CDQ( Coal Dry Quenching) waste heat utilization project with Inner Mongolia Qinghua Coal Chemical LLC, subsidiary of China Inner Mongolia Qinghua Group. The two sides will jointly give full play to the technology, engineering and solution advantages, and deliver a green project with energy efficiency, cost efficiency and eco-friendliness.It is reported that the project amounts to $36 million.


Signing Ceremony in Yantai


Coke Dry Quenching (CDQ) is an alternative to the traditional wet quenching of the coke. Coke is cooled using an inert gas in dry cooling plant, instead of cooling by sprayed water which results in high CO2 emissions and thermal energy loss. This process allows the recovery of the thermal energy in the quenching gas which can then be used for the production of steam and electricity, for district heating, and/or for the preheating of coking coal. 


After the project completion, the annual external steam supply can be more than 100 tons, amount of energy savings up to 80,000 tons of standard coal, water savings 1.5 million tons, and air pollutant emissions reduced by 210 tons.

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