Jereh Environmental Signed Exclusive Cooperation Agreement with TPS on In-situ Thermal Desorption Technology

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Jereh Environmental signed the exclusive cooperation agreement in China with Thermal Processing Solutions and Technologies SA (TPS) on in-situ thermal desorption technology. With the new technology, Jereh will offer more advanced soil remediation technology & services, as well as more comprehensive solution for the soil contamination.


The flexibility of TPS technology allows treatment of remote sites, but also under buildings. Sites may vary from very small to multiple thousands of m2. It may be the perfect answer to those particular issues, such as excavation is difficult, if not impossible without demolition of buildings; a fixed price and a fast execution are needed for a real estate transaction; limit nuisances (excavation, noise, odors, traffic, etc.) this technology can also avoid the Not-In-My-Back-Yard by spread of bad smell.


TPS is a global leader in remediation technology development and implementation. Nowadays, the TPS managers have been working in the field of (thermal) remediation for over 25 years. They have successfully completed over 50 in-situ and 200 on-site remediation projects across four continents, and has treated over 8,000,000 tons of soil both at fixed treatment facilities and using on-site and/or in situ thermal remediation technologies.


Through this cooperation, Jereh Environmental masters both in-situ and ex-situ thermal desorption technology, which will support Jereh further improve its soil remediation capability as a leading solution provider.


As an important business unit of Jereh Group, Jereh Environmental focuses on oily waste management and soil remediation, and has taken part in many big oily wasted soil remediation and organic polluted soil remediation projects in China. Based on years of experience, Jereh Environmental remediated 150,000 tons of pesticide polluted soil in Hangzhou and are invited to the compiling of ex-situ thermal desorption technical specification organize by the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences.


"'Technology-driven, Value-added’ is our development philosophy.” Said Mr. Wang Pixue, the chairman of Jereh Environmental Group, “In the future, Jereh will accelerate the speed of R&D, and to be integrated service provider and contractor covering oily waste management, municipal  environment management as well as automated oil tank cleaning and sludge recovery.”

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