Belt and Road Forum to Give Further Support to Chinese Energy Enterprises

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Yantai/August 25, 2016/ Chinese energy enterprises need reposition themselves for going out and conduct international cooperation on production capacity, Ian He, CEO of Jereh Group said Thursday at the International Energy Investment & Financing Cooperation Forum held in Yantai, China.


Foreign Diplomats Optimisic to Cooperate with China


The diplomats from more than 10 countries such as Russia, UAE, Kazakhstan, Algeria and Peru, expressed their optimism about energy cooperation with China and support of more participation of Chinese private enterprises in local projects. And the management of SINOSURE introduced the financial policy support and challenges for energy investment cooperation. Jereh Group as a representative of Chinese energy enterprises took participation as well and presented a keynote speech on new position under belt and road initiative.



According to the report by World Bank in June, 2016, the global economic recovery continues but remains weaker than desirable. And the Belt & Road will provide it with a much needed boost. There are many preferential policies to encourage international investment in the countries along the new Silk Road with different types. “They can help companies solve the financing bottlenecks and reduce business transaction costs of transnational business. For example, SINOSURE and Jereh Group have built a comprehensive strategic partnership to support their going out.” said Mr. Chang, the general manager assistant of SINOSURE Shandong Branch.


And the Peru Ambassador to China Juan Carlos Capunay expressed in the keynote speech that the economic growth and good investment environment will promote more bilateral cooperation on energy, social infrastructure and industrial projects.


Visiting of Jereh Workshop


As of now, Jereh people have served customers from more than 60 countries, with reliable products and services. “But we also should have a clear mind that Chinese enterprises including Jereh, still face challenges when going out, including the ability to do long-term planning, the ability to effectively control the risk and the ability to get identity recognition.” said Ian, “we need a new position to get a broader room for growth.” 

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