2016 World Environment Day: Jereh Calls for More Focus on Soils

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On June 4, Jereh held a special volunteer activity---Healthy Soils for A Healthy Life at Nanshan Park to increase the appeal of public concerns about soil pollution for the upcoming 45th World Environment Day.


fingerprint activity

During the activity, Jereh volunteers presented many infographics about soil protection, such as “The current soil pollution in China", "How to find the soil is polluted", "What to do after soil is polluted", “Impact on our lives by the release of The Action Plan for Soil Pollution Prevention and Control" etc. As long as the visitors answered the questions on the sheet, they can receive a free copy of gardening kit, including soil, seeds, and pots.


presentations about soil pollution

Dr. Meng Xianghai, the expert from Jereh Environment, explained "For a long time, the public is more concerned about the air and water pollution. And now, soil pollution has also negative impact on our life as well as health. The purpose of organizing this event is to call for more joint actions to save our beloved soils. "

“Soil pollution is mainly divided into two categories: inorganic and organic. When the harmful substances in the soil exceed the soil’s self-purification capacity, they will gradually enter into the plants, water source and the body indirectly, which will endanger public health. Although the existing environmental technologies can solve these problems, it is more important to enhance public awareness on soil safety”, said Dr. Meng.

On May 31st, the State Council, China's cabinet released The Action Plan for Soil Pollution Prevention and Control aiming to improve soil quality, ensure safe agricultural products and a healthy living environment for people. The document said China will curb worsening soil pollution by 2020, put soil pollution risks under control by 2030, and form a virtuous cycle in the ecosystem by 2050. This is the third pollution action plan issued by the cabinet, following ones targeting air and water pollution.  

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