Jereh Acquiring China Colorful Clouds Company to Accelerate the Layout of Its Environmental Industry

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On May 4, Jereh Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Jereh Group, announced the successful acquisition of China Colorful Clouds Engineering Company, which will help Jereh develop the engineering and service capabilities of soil remediation. So far, Jereh develops a clear layout in China centered on Southwest and Northwest area to provide oily waste management and municipal soil remediation management.


China Colorful Clouds Engineering Company is a professional engineering design and construction company specializing in environmental engineering and intelligent architectural engineering.


In this April, at China’s first oil-contaminated soil treatment project, Jereh adopted HR2 technology that can reduce the oil content to 0.3% or less, ensuring 90% of the resource recovery while saving 20% of the investment cost. It reflects our "value-driven" philosophy: we develop innovative solutions to process oily waste in an environmental-friendly way, and turn waste into resources to support the balance of ecosystems.


Mr. Pixue Wang, the president of Jereh Environment said, "Environmental industry is one of the Jereh Group's strategic businesses. The concept of “technology innovation, model innovation” drives the way we develop our business and supports the long-term sustainable development. And we will work more for a green, low-carbon, sustainable China. "


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