Jereh TSA Application for Hangzhou "Toxic-gas Tent" Project

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Jereh Group will start Hangzhou "Toxic-gas Tent" Project Phase II, with two sets of TSA units (Thermal Separation and Adsorb) which can treat 21 tons of soil polluted by agricultural chemicals per hour.


In July this year, one Jereh TSA unit with capacity of 5 t/h began the polluted soil treatment Phase I project. Working around the clock, it has treated 6,600 tons of soil till now. In November, another unit with capacity of 16 t/h was put into use for Phase II project, and currently it is in the commissioning stage. After formal commencement, the treatment capacity will reach 21 t/h on the whole.




                                                            Jereh TSA Application for Hangzhou "Toxic-gas Tent" Project


At present, soil remediation is speeding up. Excavation, clearance and transportation of contaminated soil in the shed will be collectively completed within 3-4 months. Following the schedule of the organization, we are striving to complete treatment whose volume is about 150,000 tons before the spring festival of this year.

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