Jereh Yuhang LNG Fueling Station Put into Operation in Hangzhou, China

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On Oct.23th, 2014, Jereh Yuhang LNG fueling station for Sinopec finished its first LNG bus fueling in Hangzhou, China, marking the project officially puts into business operation. This project is the third fueling station for Sinopec after Xiangjisi road fueling station and Gongkang road fueling station. The cooperation between Sinopec also made Jereh become the first-class contractor for LNG fueling stations.


The three LNG fueling stations are all used for bus fueling in Hangzhou city. As a go-ahead city for Chinese city bus development, Hangzhou builds these three LNG fueling stations to promote city buses’ “Oil to Gas” project so as to protect atmospheric environment. Data show that the exhaust pollutants amount of one bus is equal to that of 50 cars. Moreover, a LNG fueling bus can reduce 80% of the carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitride and smoke emission when compared with a diesel fueling bus, which creates great value for environmental protection. Therefore, a big part of Sinopec strategy set in 2013 is planned to build or rebuild around 30,000 fueling stations with LNG and CNG facilities.


“Jereh LNG fueling station is renowned for its integrated product design and devotion to details. For example, all key components of Jereh station adopt are from world well-known manufacturer. The fueling flow is also optimized, so it can save a lot of time on equipment unloading, pressure regulating, pre-cooling and fueling.” Said Mr. Wang Zhixian, the chief engineer of Jereh who in charge of Jereh Fueling Engineering.


Up to now, Jereh LNG, L-CNG and CNG fueling stations have set a strong presence across China, especially in provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong and Hubei etc. To let the world enjoy the clean energy, Jereh will continue to make contributions for Chinese LNG industry.


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