Jereh’s 15th Sports Meeting – Happy Work, Happy Time

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On October 1st, the 15th Jereh Sports Meeting was grandly held in Yantai Sports Park. Totally over 3,400 Jereh staff and family members participate in, among which over 1900 people competed over 35 sports programs categorized into board games, ball games, field events, track events and team events.


The whole process was well organized with every sector full of sparkling points: the original entering ceremony, the passionate cheering squads, the convenient interacting platform Wechat and the high-profile awards ceremony, etc. Only in the morning, several brand new Jereh records were created in various events, namely, Men’s High Jump, Men’s 400M Race and Women’s Relay Race for 4*100, which fully demonstrated the enterprise spirit of “Always look forward. Never Give up. Nothing is impossible”.


In the afternoon, the Sports Meeting started with everyone present dancing along “Little Apple”, one of the latest Chinese songs in vogue all over the world. Mr. Huang, the family member of one Jereh staff said, “I don’t know the dance, however, it is so amusing and I just couldn’t help following the people around me to dance along the music”. Following were excellent group performances by each united teams with applause and cheers continuously won from the audience. The Sports Meeting was brought to a climax with the Baby Draw Activity in which nearly a hundred children joined. The series of interesting and creative events put all present into the overflowing joy, which again, highlighted the theme of the event “Happy Work, Happy Time”.


“It is so amazing. We had a great time here with all the four members of our family together. Thank you for inviting us, we appreciate it”, Mrs Wang, the family member of one Jereh staff expressed, “our children also participated in the parents-children activities which are a lot of fun”.


Till 4 PM the event was successfully concluded with numerous memorable moments to remember. The event not only aims at gathering people to have fun together but also rising people’s awareness of keeping fit and spending quality time with family members. Let’s continue to fighting toward Jereh’s next 15-year glory with all our dedication.



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