Jereh Coiled Tubing Succeed for Logging and Perforating a High-Angle Well

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On July 26th, Jereh Group (SZ002353) successfully finished the logging and perforating operation for Well TK7219CH by putting cables in the coiled tubes in Xinjiang, which is the very first time in northwest China. This case, together with the previous successful one in Middle East, once again highlights Jereh’s coiled tubing logging techniques are comparable to that by international oil service players.


At Jereh, we collaborate with customers to jointly develop reliable application-specific products and services for specific operation needs. For this highly deviated horizontal well, Jereh makes detailed study and design simulation, then provides a solution to convey logging and perforating tools by coiled tubing with cables instead of the initial downhole tractor. First the coiled tube (1.75”) is used to remove the junk and position downhole tractor below the perforating section. Then the CT with cables deploys logging tools and records tube column depth for accurate data collecting. Meanwhile, to lower the potential safety risks, perforating guns is equipped for drifting simulation. Finally the toolstring finishes perforating operation at 4,755-4759 meters underground, facilitating the later stimulation and production.


As the world leading oilfield equipment manufacturer and services provider, Jereh keeps multiple No. 1 operation records, including the tubing depth, bridge plug drilling and milling, cementing plug drilling and milling, cementing plug setting and multi-stage fracturing. It is expected this successful operation brings more confidence for the future logging in deep, ultra-deep, high-angle and horizontal wells.  underground, facilitating the later stimulation and production.


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